Place for exhibition:
The UN building in New York
2007-05-14 — 2007-06-17.
Greenland tour during the rest of 2007, until the end of August 2009.

The exhibition contains:

  • 72 faces in ceramic 15 cm (6 ins.), representing indigenous people and ethnic minorities from all continents, who paint or tattoo their faces
  • One samburuwoman in natural size sitting on a chair
  • 2 large screen-prints of my grandmother and Kiepja on fabric approx (100 x 150 cm / 40 x 60 ins)
  • 150 Plexiglas boards 20 cm x 30 cm (8 ins. x 12 ins.) with printed portraits of the exterminated and murdered natives (Selknam, Yamanes and Kaweshkar) of Tierra del fuego (Fireland - Patagonia)
  • 12 ceramic male figures with masks and disguises as the fuegian natives had at the men's initiation ceremony (Hain)
  • Music from the different indigenous people in the exhibition will be played in the showroom.

Assiniboine, Canada

Exhibitor: Kari Hahne Lundström (Gothenburg, Sweden)

20 images of faces in ceramics
Some of the faces in ceramic shown at the exhibition can be seen here. Just click at the image beside.

Then click at the small images on the image page to see them in bigger size.

Other images