hkku means grandmother in sami language. I want to honour my grandmother Karal-Ing who was an important person for us in the family and for the people in her environment.

She lived on the Arctic coast 100 km south of the North Cape. She gave birth to nine children and ran a small farm with one or two cows and some sheep. My grandfather supported the family as a fisherman.

My grandmother was called on when children were to be born, diseases were to be cured and when people felt grief. She was a sami midwife and healer and was able to combine the secret rites with a strong Christian faith. She lived a hard life and died in 1983, at the age of 87.

I do not know whether she was aware of the situation for the indigenous people of the world or, for that matter, that the sami people are indigenous. I want to honour my grandmother, the sami and the indigenous people of the world with my exhibition.

hkku, grandmother